Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends

Supporting our vision

Here at Quest Consultancy we are fully committed to the enhancement of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Our drive for this ties directly into our business purpose of helping people on their path to better safety, health and well-being, and are keen supporters of the Dementia Friends initiative.

Our Commitment

All of the team are fully committed to working with our external community to promote our purpose and vision. As a result of this we want extend our vision to the external community and not just work with our commercial clients. Drawing on our own personal experiences, we want to help educate on issues that could affect any of us at any time.

We are very proud of the fact that 100% of our our team here at Quest are Dementia Friends, and we’d love you to become one to! So much so that several of our team have committed to supporting the programme with time and resources by going on to become Dementia Friends Champions.

What is the Dementia Friends programme?

Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme is their biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition. Stigma and lack of understanding cause many people with the condition to experience loneliness and social exclusion, so Dementia Friends hopes to tackle this by creating more communities and businesses that are dementia-friendly and more inclusive of people affected by dementia.

What is a Dementia Friends Champion?

As Dementia Friends Champion’s we are trained volunteers who run Information Sessions for friends, family, colleagues and the wider community. The Information Sessions cover five key messages that we want everyone to know about dementia, and help people to think what they could do to help. Dementia Friends Champions attend a volunteer Induction day and then organise their own Information Sessions, with support from their Dementia Friends Officer.

Our Dementia Friends Champion regularly run Information Sessions. These sessions are always open for our team, our suppliers, our clients and members of the general public if they would like to join us.

What is an Information Session?

An Information Session is a face-to-face Session that lasts 45-60 minutes and is run by a Dementia Friends Champion, which anyone can attend to learn a little more about dementia. It covers the five key messages everyone should know about dementia through activities and discussion, but it is not training. Anyone who attends is asked to commit to a dementia-friendly action and is able to become a Dementia Friend.

What is a Dementia Friend?

A Dementia Friend is someone who either:

  • attends an Information Session, or
  • watches the Dementia Friends online video.

They learn five key messages about dementia, a little bit about what it is like to live with dementia and then turn their understanding into a practical action that could help someone with dementia living in their community. Their action could be as big or as small as they choose – because every action counts!

We are keen to help the Alzheimers society meet their target of creating over a million Dementia Friends to help promote an understanding of living with dementia. If you would like us to hold an event for you we’d love to here from you. Please get in touch through our contact us page to make arrangements for coming to see you.

You can read more about the programme by heading to,



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